"Semana de las aves"/ "Week of Birds"

A new European project Erasmus Plus has started to fly inside IES Virgen de Guadalupe Secondary School.
The suggestive title "On the Wings of Europe" hides the hope of sowing the seed of interest for ornithology and respect for nature, using a common language, English.
Schools from five countries, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia and, from Cáceres (Spain), IES Virgen de Guadalupe,are working hand in hand with the same aim.
The event called "Week of Birds" was the first step towards the knowledge of bird migration. SEO Birdlife has been our partner lending an exhibition and a lecture by Marcelino Cardalliaguet, its regional representative.
The rest was done by teachers and students working on the topic from the different subjects; papiroflexia, interactive activities made by students, birds and literature, birds in music and philosophy, scientific presentations, curiosities, display of living birds, "Spot the Bird" contest, a visit to the greenhouse in Parque del Príncipe and documentaries.

This is only the beginning. With everyone's help, we would like to create a good "flock of birds" committed to love for Nature.



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